This is a super easy recipe. Super easy to make, super good, and doesn’t take a lot to make it, and is just about the most kid friendly recipe I have so far. Everyone at worked loved this, esp the pregnant lady, she loved them very much, and I of course had no issue giving her all she wanted. This recipe is officially dedicated to her, here you go Tori, you officially have a shout out on the internet!

No-Bake Power Bites

Joseph Guimarin
A super quick, super easy, and super yummy no-bake recipe that's perfect for kids, perfect for a quick sweet treat, all while still being decently good for you.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Fridge Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Course Snack Time
Cuisine American


  • ½ Cup Peanut Butter Creamy works best, but you can use chunky I'm sure.
  • Cup Honey A little extra is fine.
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract Or more to taste
  • 1 Cup Rolled Oats
  • 1 Cup Unsweetened Shredded Coconut I prefer flaked…
  • ½ Cup Chocolate Chips Mini works best.
  • ½ Cup Cocoa Nibs Optional


  • Mix Peanut Butter, Honey, and Vanilla Extract together.
  • Stir together Oats, Coconut, Chocolate Chips, and Cocoa Nibs together till combined, then add the Peanut Butter mixture, and mix until well combined.
  • Refrigerate for 30 mins and then roll into balls using your hands.


Just a few notes. I used shredded coconut as it called for, but I personally prefer flaked, and I think it would work better in this type of recipe. I also used sweetened coconut since I didn’t have any unsweet, and it didn’t seem overly sweet to me.
Aslo, if your mixture seems a bit dry, just do what I did, mix a bit more peanut butter, honey, and vanilla extract together and add it to the mix. I also didn’t have cocoa nibs laying around, but the recipe worked out just fine this time without them I think, and I don’t know if I’m going to go out of my way to add them next time I make this to be honest.
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